If your 1999 Grand Am was built eary in 1999 you can use the programming instructions below.


1. Make sure ignition is in the OFF position.

2. Locate the programming connector in the trunk (drivers side). It is a plastic
connector with two wires leading up to it. The connector is not plugged into
anything. You may have to pull back trim to access connector.

3. The programming connector should have two terminals. Connect both terminals
with a suitable jumper wire. Make sure the terminals remain connected
throughout the programming procedure.

4. Press the LOCK and UNLOCK buttons on the remote simultaneously. In response
the Keyless Entry Module will cycle all the Door Lock Motors at once. Your new
remote has been accepted and all existing remotes have been erased.

5. Repeat the previous step for each additional remotes (including any exsisting remotes)
Do not remove jumper wire in between programming of remotes.

6. Remove the jumper wire from the Keyless Remote Connector.