These instructions are not for the smart key system.

1: Open driver side door and leave open.

2: Lock and Unlock the drivers door using the power door lock switch on the door

3: Insert key into the ignition.

4: Turn Key to ON position and return to Lock (off) position. Do this 3 times within
10 seconds. LEAVE key in the ignition in Lock (off) position.

5: Close and open the drivers door 3 times. Leave door open after this step

6: ECU should respond by locking and unlocking the doors once.

7: Press any button on remote #1 twice. ECU responds by locking and unlocking
the car doors.

8: Additional remotes, repeat Step 7 for up to 3 remotes total.

9: Remove the key from the ignition and the ECU will respond a final time with a
series (about 4) of door locks and unlocks.