Note : All transmitters being serviced must be available. If the learning process is carried
out without having all the transmitters present, all previous transmitter codes will be
overwritten, rendering the missing transmitters inoperable.

1. Open the driver’s door and leave it open.

2. Hold headlight flasher back toward you.

3. Turn ignition key to position 1. That’s when the cigarette lighter turns on. (first click)

4. Release the headlight flasher.

5. Pull and release the headlight flasher 4 times. Alarm will enter programming mode.

6. This will be confirmed by a beep from the alarm and blink from a red light on gearshift bezel.

7. Program each transmitter (up to 5)by pressing the lock or unlock button on each transmitter once.

8. The alarm will beep when you press the transmitter button and the red light on the gearshift bezel
will blink.

9. The alarm must beep 5 times to complete the programming. Therefore, if you are only programming
one transmitter you should operate the transmitter 5 times.

10. If you are programming two transmitters you will operate one transmitter twice, and three times on
the other

11. For five transmitters you will operate each transmitter once.

12. Remove the key from the ignition and you are done.