1991 Roadmaster

  1. Have both remotes that will be matched to the car present,
    even if only is new. Remove the keys from the ignition and
    have them in your possession.
  2. Open the trunk and pull back the trunk side carpet on the
    passenger side. Locate a single plug connector hanging
    from the wire harness. This is the “Program Connector”
  3. Use a jumper wire with alligator clips at both ends to ground
    the program connector to a bolt such as antenna bolt. Grounding
    the program terminal erases the system memory and causes
    the doors to lock and unlock once.
  4. Keeping the jumper wire connected press any button on first
    remote. The vehicle will respond by door locks locking and
    unlocking. If you have a second remote to program press any
    button on it and the doors locks will lock and unlock again.
  5. Remove jumper wire and test remotes.