93-96 Buick Century Fob Entry Programming Instructions

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NOTE: A maximum of only two Keyless Remotes can be programmed.

  1. Locate the green programming connector located in the LH trunk. Trim may
    have to be pulled back to access programming connector. ( Connector
    has wires leading up to it and it is not connected to anything.)
  2. Jump programming connector terminals.
  3. System should now lock and unlock doors and trunk lid to indicate
    programming mode has been entered. Trunk lid must have activated before proceeding.
  4. Press any button on keyless remote once. System should now lock and unlock doors and trunk lid, indicating
    successful programming of keyless remote. Trunk lid must have
    activated before proceeding.
  5. Repeat step 4 for additional remote or other existing keyless remote.
  6. Remove programming connector jumper wire to exit programming mode.
  7. Test remote(s).