Use these instructions if your Deville has an Analog Instrument Cluster

1. Press OFF and WARM buttons on Climate Control Panel (CCP) simultaneously.
(Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC) will light all telltales, then go blank) System is now in diagnostic mode.
Press PASSENGER COOLER button until “RFA” is displayed, then press FAN UP.
If “RFA DATA” is displayed, press FAN DOWN.
If “RFA OVERRIDE” is displayed, press FAN UP.

2. If “RFA 500 NO OVERRIDE is displayed, press FAN DOWN.
If “RFA 501 PROGRAM FOB” is displayed, Press FAN UP.

3. IPC will show “0″ on right side of Driver Information Center (DIC) display.
Press warmer button on climate control unit until “99″ is displayed.

4. Press and hold TRUNK button on transmitter. While holding TRUNK button, press LOCK button and hold for one
second. Hold both buttons for a total of 3 seconds. Locks cycle when programming is complete (if remote is not
programmed within 30 seconds after entering “99″ override display, system will default and you must begin again at
step 2.

5. To program a second remote, press FAN DOWN button until “RFA 502 PROGRAM FOB #2″ is displayed, then press
FAN UP. Repeat step 4.

To exit system, press AUTO, MODE UP, MODE DOWN, or RESET.