99-06 Remote Entry Programming for BMW X5 (E53)

BMW X5 (E53) 2006 Remote Entry
Only program key when added or replaced or on system malfunction

  • Unlock vesicle using key UNLOCK button
  • Enter vehicle: Close driver’s door
  • Switch ignition ON and OFF
  • Programming mode activatedNOTE: Point Key at radio aerial (located in rear window)
  • Proceed as follows
    • Press and hold key UNLOCK button
    • Press key LOCK button [1] 3 times within 10 seconds keeping key UNLOCK button [2] depressed
    • Release key UNLOCk button
  • System should lock and unlock vehicle to indicate programming has been successful
  • Repeat above procedure to program remaining keysNOTE: A maximum of 4 keys can be programmed . Carry out Programming procedure for each key within 30 seconds.

Immobilizer Programming

Replacement key already matched immobilizer ystem, proceed as follows:

  • Switch ignition ON and OFF